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Winter Love Song - Shimizu Shota

Singer: Shimizu Shota
Album: Colors

Woo baby...Collapse )

YOU&I- Shimizu Shota

歌手: 清水翔太
Singer: Shimizu Shota
歌詞: 清水翔太
Lyrics: Shimizu Shota
作曲: 清水翔太
Music: Shimizu Shota

I won't ever let you go...Collapse )
Title: Untitled AU
Author: mae_ai 
Pairing: Sho/Jun
Rating: G
Word Count: Around 269
Notes: I haven't written anything that much before. But, this just came to me after a dream I had. ;D

- - - - -

He's hesitating, lost, wondering if he's willing to let himself get drenched without an umbrellaCollapse )

- - - - -

Don't kill me.♥


清水翔太-君がいたから lyrics

Music: Shimizu Shota     Lyrics: Shimizu Shota

I want to see you...Collapse )

translation credit: mae_ai 
Any mistakes just let me know ;D

清水翔太-GOODBYE lyrics

Shimizu Shota     Lyrics: Shimizu Shota

Good-bye...Collapse )

translation credit: mae_ai 
Any mistakes just let me know ;D
RankArashi Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)

Hahahah this is exactly right, except Sho is number three and Matsujun is 4...cause not one is number five for me. :D Ohno and Aiba are always tied cause I'm always changing the order there hahah. and Nino is just where he needs to be xD Though, I love them all. ^___^

Ten god dayum awards. TEN!!!


-Best Artist.(1)
-Single of the Year.
     -Believe/Kumori Nochi kaisei(2)
-The Best 5 Singles
     -Ashita no Kioku/Crazy moon(3)

     -Believe/Kumori Nochi Kaisei(5)
     -My Girl.(6)

-Album of the year
    -All the Best! 1999-2009 (7)
    (The million seller! :DDDD)
-Best 5 Albums
    -All the Best! 1999-2009(8)
-The Best Music Video (Concert DVD's?)
    -All the Best! Clips 1999-2009(10)

I can't express how astonished I am. O_o Just...oh.my.gawd.

Data from: here

There is no place like HOME.

I don't know what to say. Just...wow.

Shimizu Shota...Shimizu Shota!!


I just got done watching the DVD and...without realizing it, I started to cry! O____o

He sings with just SO MUCH emotion. SO MUCH love.

I'm totally moved. Totally, totally moved.

All of you that are fans...THIS DVD IS WORTH THE MONEY. So buy if it your thinking about it. xD

I will make another post about this probably....:D

Until then...

EDIT: I just decided to edit this entry instead of post another one.

i've fallen farther in love i think...loolCollapse )
<input ... ></input><input ... >

I need to pimp him out.

He's such and artist and such a good singer. Ugh. I just can't get enough of him. Plus...he's super adorable and only a year older than me :DDDDD I'm so bias and didn't even screen cap Kato Miriya xDDDD Damn. I thought I wouldn't really like this song cause...I didn't really like to other collab they did, honestly. ^_______^; But I like this one better.

Okay fine....They do look good here. And the notes they sing make me get goosebumps. :DD

Sooooo....Do you like him Y/Y? xDD